Video Diaries …continued

After some quick editting, part 2 of day 2 is now also completed 🙂 I must admit I enjoyed using the videocam compared to normal camera. I suspect I’ll try this again 😉

It was just a very short trip, so this concludes it for now. Still to come in the future though is the report of a longer trip I made in October




Video Diaries

Quite some time ago I got given a videocamera. Not something I have tried out in a significant way, so I decided to make a videodiary of my latest trip a few weeks ago (besides the 100’s of photographs I took)

Day one was just an experiment with filming and edditting, day 2 (part one) is a real video report.

I’ll expiriment with this for a while to see if it is a worthwhile addition to my digital archives.

But without further delay:

Day 2, part 1…

Kind regards