When going on an extended hike, it all boils down to packlists, here is mine for now, still designed around 1 small week solo without support (with water for 1 to 2 days depending on conditions, and food for a week), it still needs some work since it totals at 21,5 kilograms and a bit which is quite a lot!

The food is just a random selection of what one could have around, the redlines are areas where i’ve just made guestimates for weights (so im probably a little below 21,5 kilo’s, but it will do for now.

Areas where there can be improvements are Tool/ict,packing and shelter (I have some ideas for that). Also I can loose some weight in the cooking category by swapping out all nalgene’s by platypus’s

Yes most of it is in ductch, but where it’s not obvious…google is your friend 😉

1 firesteel
2 aansteker
1 schuursponsje
1 trangia brandstoffles vol
1 waterfilter inc boek+hoes
1 titanium 500ml pot
1 Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257
1 microfgripper
1 trangia brander
1 folding cup
1 folding fork
1 folding spoon
1 platypus
1 Nalgene standaard
1 nalgene folding bottle 1L
1 zelfbouw snijplankje
1 opvouwbord
1 grote zakdoek KL
1 trangia koekenpan + greep van de set hierboven
1 hammock
1 treehuggers
1 hoes van tarp
1 Tarp groen
1 slaapzak
1 slaapmat
1 Zak + patch van matje
8 tentharing alu
1 plastic voor op de grond
1 kussen
1 zitmatje
1 Reflectiv hesje
1 sea2summit poncho
1 haglof tshirt
1 haglof tshirt
1 overhemd lange mouwen
2 onderboek odlo
1 onderboek odlo
1 outdoorbroek
1 outdoorbroek
1 wandelsokken
2 wandelsokken
1 Wandelschoenen
1 paar slippers
1 zonnebril
1 tropenhoed
1 buff col
1 microfleece
1 rugged phone
4 aa batterijen
1 trekking poles per paar
1 hoofdlamp
1 Fenix e1
1 roll ducktape
1 ipad mini
1 goal zero leeg
1 Nomad 7
1 usb kabel
1 stekker USB uitgangs spanning
1 Mora compagnion
1 Victorinox
2 10m paracord
1 GPS + hoes
1 iphone
1 DC4
1 Rugzak
1 8L sea2summit drybag
1 35L sea2summit drybag
1 20l sea2summit drybag
1 casio PRW-5000T-7ER
1 kompas
1 schepje
1 Tandenborstel
1 microfiber handdoek
1 Scheermes
1 rol wc papier
1 blok zeep
1 potje vaseline
1 EHBO Klein
1 Kneebrace
1 rescue blanket
1 talkpoeder
camfor spray
1 antimug
1 bankpas
1 randomreader
1 creditcard
1 plastic fluitje
1 Velden van weleer
1 zorgverzekeringspas
1 reisverzekeringspas/info
1 Pak zilvervlies rijst
1 blik ravioli
1 pak gedroogde tortelini
3 water per liter
10 Hero n between
8 hardkeks
1 unox hamburgers




So thats it… last few months its been all about gear , gear, and then some gear. No no no not about swapping gear with knowledge, its been about grams, grams, and less grams.

The goal is to be able to hike 5 to 7 days with less then 20 kilograms, I’m not there yet, but I will be…kinda..maybe..*cough*

So it begins….

The title says it begins…

It started quite a few years ago, just one of those idea’s that pops in your head and just wont go away…”you know what lets do a hike..a realy significant hike … lets walk ..walk from the belgian coast to the swiss border, along a battlefield that is perhaps the most significant battlefield in the history of Europe”. Can you guess which one…of course you can, I’m talking about the western front, a scar in the landscape and in the history of europe.

The idea was shelved as just plain silly, picked up again..and tossed away … only to be mulled over again, until end of 2013 (and I really dont know why) there was a moment, a moment perhaps of clarity, bravery, or just plain sillyness, that I decided, it has to happen now or it will never happen ever again…So it began! The first course of action was to post on my favorite bushcraft forum  announcing what I was planning, asking for any tips on a 1000+ kilometer hike (yes how broad and unfocussed can you be :) ), the responses,  support and offers to hike parts of the route with me only strengthened my belief that it was indeed possible and that I wasn’t mad (or an idiot as someone mentioned rather briefly ;))

What has happened since?

The last few months a lot of work has been done, mainly on selecting gear, weighing absolutely everything, talking to other people, studying maps and books, determining a route etc etc etc (fitting it all in a slighty busy fulltime job…but hey everyone needs another hobby right?!).

The final gearlist is comming into focus now and the route is showing itself in the distance, its a matter of testing, changing, testing and changing again .. rince repeat..and than?

Than? Well there is a a lot of “than” still to do, some stuff minor, some stuff very major and there are still one or two showstoppers on my path, but with common sense an reason I’m sure they will be conquered one way or the other (I guess that’s one of the advantages of being into customer care for about 15 years now, you tend to get flexible like grain in the wind).

I haven”t even announced my trip on which is really bad!, because I’ve had few trips with their members and they have shown me some great sites, I’m sorry for that guys and girls, it’s all been a bit hectic, though some of you may have seen some hints on facebook of what was to come (though you may not have realised it )

Walkabouts 14-18 will start in may 2015, it will be an trip that will last 4 months, where it will end I honestly dont know, but I know where it will start and I know it will be great!!

A cliche makes sense now “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the voyage” …I can honestly say I’ve changed, just because I made a descision..

Stay tuned!