Easterweekend trip part 2

You of course all saw the “easterweekend trip part 1” I posted back in may, but of course after a part 1 you would expect a part 2 (or even 3)….and you were right 😉

The weekend provided enough footage to create another two videos, which have been completed, but until now hadn’t been put on this site yet (those who follow my youtube channel will have already seen them)

Day 1 we were lucky enough to accidentally bump into a Wim Degrande and his friends whose books I’ve read and he was kind enough to invite us to join him on day 3. This of course meant that we saw several sites on day 3 that we were not aware of, making day 3 memorable without a doubt.

Day 2 we spent in one of my favourite areas. It has many traces all around. We visited several valleys in which the Germans had build kamps to live in , away from the frontline (on the other side of the hills the franch had done much the same).

The traces of this habitation are still clearly visible to this day, not just by the earthworks you see all around you u, but also in the traces the small stream digs up, or that are just lying around. Things like glass bottles, a doorlock, bit of a stove etc. Everyday household stuff.

So here are video’s 2 and 3…enjoy and please comment below or on my my youtube channel

Video 2:

Video 3


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